Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Squaring the Circle - You saw it here first!

Important News Flash
According to reliable sources, a man named John Winslow just squared a circle, a feat most mathematician consider impossible.

Posted by John Winslow

That's right all the big name guys said it couldn't be done. Well I never had no fancy geometry, and I got a square around a circle. I did it months ago in fact. But when I sent my results in, I was ridiculed and the government tried to cover up my work. But G-d wants me to work, and I'm going to keep working till the truth gets out. And after that I'm gonna trisect the angle and find the antiderivative for the elliptical integral. No jealous mathematician will stop me from making important discoveries in the name of humanity!.

A picture of Mr. Winslow's squared circle is given below.

We must not let the government cover up The Cold Hard Facts. We must not stop until John Winslow is on the cover of every journal from Science to Nature, and we will keep fighting until we win!

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