Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Spam, I Think

Time for the Quarterly Update for Halexandria... and only six days after the Equinox. But then again, Mercury is in Retrograde right now and communications are really in a mess. Among other things, some people on Wall Street have managed to misplace about $700 billion and can't seem to find it anywhere... except maybe in the coffers of the taxpayers. Sigh...

Meanwhile, we have not been derelict in our writings and still find our way to various new offerings at Halexandria. The Halexandria Forums, for example, continue to delight and amaze the unwary silver surfer. Many interesting threads to read and contribute to... maybe start your own thread on any topic under the Sun (and way beyond the Sun, come to think of it). Feel free to get involved.

As for new essays, these include some recent relevations about the incredible Labyrinth of Egypt and the People who are involved in hopefully bringing this stunning new discovery to the attention of the world. There is also the New and Improved essay on Totalitarianism... just in time for the upcoming elections. Come to think of it, there's also The Times They Are A Changin'... also with allusions to the elections and media weirdness in general.

All of these essays should intrigue most of you... except of course for users (who are now prevented from receiving updates from Halexandria... for no known reason). Accordingly, if your friends are (currently) users, you may have to forward this quarterly update to them so they can be similarly intrigued.

Last but not least is an update at Novels, due to the WORLD PREMIERE OF WE THE JURY, a novel.

As always, Thanks for the Use of the Hall.


Gives you a lot to think about, no?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Disgusting Philosopical Problem of the Day

Apparently, there is a chef in Switzerland who has decided to add a new ingredient to his meat dishes, human milk. Big deal, you say? Well I didn't care much either, until I saw the following quote in the Guardian.

They are not on the list of approved species such as cows and sheep, but they are also not on the list of the banned species such as apes and primates," Rolf Etter of the Zurich food control laboratory said.

So do we go according to the beginning, and say approved milk, yes, banned milk, no. Or maybe we go according the end, and say what is banned is banned, but what is not banned is permitted?

Come hear, it was taught...

And what about those biologists that say humans are both apes and primates? Would they not hold that the milk should be forbidden on all accounts?