Thursday, May 18, 2006

Gas Pills

Made by Bio Performance, they work, they're fuel efficient, and Texas is unfairly cracking down on them. What are they? A revolutionary new fuel additive that increases fuel efficiency so much that some customers actually lose gas mileage. But Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has it in for them. First he viciously blackmailed independent researchers in the University of Texas into claiming that the Fuel Pills are made of Naphthaline, a bald faced lie. Now he's saying that Bio Performances brilliant marketing scheme in which each mark pays the one above him in what is called "the pyramid" $50 for the right to sell gas pills, and then sells this right to the four people below him in this pyramid, is actually an illegal pyramid scandal. The Gall!

But how do these pills actually work? According to some people who are not Bio Performance they "lower flashpoint of our fuel, which allows for easier ignition. It will in turn, because of dispersant quality, enable fuel to burn more efficiently"

But that is just a smokescreen set up to cover their real secret, the Vronks - Krebb Reaction.

As the equation illustrates 1 mole of octane reacts with 1 mole one naphthalene, which is not present in Bio Performance, to form 3 moles of muon neutrinos plus gamma radiation and byproducts, and nothing kickstarts a car quite like muon neutrinos or gamma rays, not to mention the byproducts. But gas pills are just the beginning. Imagine what could be done with the Vronks-Krebbs reaction. The possibilities are endless!

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