Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mysteries of the Marshall Islands Square

The Bermuda Triangle an exactly triangle shaped region of the ocean, where millions of ships and airplanes disappear daily. But what causes all those ships to disappear? Skeptics would have you believe their arcane and ridiculous explanations such as stormy seas or pilot error. We on other hand know that like always, those skeptics are involved in the active destruction of the truth, just to make us true-believers seem ridiculous.

So what is the real explanation for the triangle? No one knows for sure, but the answer has something to do with Atlantis, wormholes, and aliens. Unfortunately I was not able to understand the deep truth of the wormhole-Atlantis-space-alien hypothesis, but it has something to do with aliens transporting a neutron star under the Atlantic in order to warp light in that area, and as it has the words quantum and relativity in it, it must be true. So until next time, remember that no one knows less about science then the biased idiots who call themselves scientists.

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