Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The June Primary

Today was the very important June primary, upon which the whole future of our country depended. And once again to discuss the cold hard facts with us, is our political clairvoyant Madame Cleo Browne.

Madame Cleo Browne: I see the facts. They are cold and hard!
Cold Hard Facts: Since you were last with us, you helped the Houston Police solve a murderer. Tell us about that.
MCB: I had a vision of a body, felt and suffering and death. "Who did this horrible deed" I cried, and the spirits revealed the path. They showed my a man with flaming red hair, a crooked nose, a eye blue and one brown.
CHF: That's quite descriptive, but I don't think...
MCB: Silence unbeliever! Be gone skeptic! The spirits have not yet finished revealing their wisdom! A broad chin did I see, and an eyepatch black as night and one eyebrow, ugliness unmarred by a mustache. And as the spirits revealed, so did the murderer look. See for yourself.

CHF: Um, let's talk about that primary.
MCB: I see a man, he is speaking. Triumphant is he and joyous! Protestant and Anglo-Saxon is he, it is an M word, clearly a winner.
CHF: M-word? You mean Richard Menendez?
MCB: Yes Menendez the WASP, a name of strength, power. He is destined for the presidency. A crisis with Iran will unfold and he will attempt to solve.
CHF: Wow that's amazing. How did you know that? You must have a newspaper.
MCB: Newspaper, it has never crossed my eyes. From the underworld does all my news come. I see another man, he is crying, sulking devastated. A man will lose.
CHF: Astounding, tell me more.
MCB:Um argh, blood, guts, death. Can't continue stupid interview. Danger.
CHF: Well, ok then.

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