Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Ghosts, they haunt our pubs and ruin our photographs. This ghost had the audacity to write physics graffiti all over this one. Clearly ghosts are a serious problem. A problem that must be examined by a serious source, like this blog. Here is the Cold Hard Facts on ghosts.

We start by examining testimony of self-proclaimed experts, scientists who talk to ghosts on a daily basis.
Ghosts? You mean invisible dead guys that can go through walls, but yet still knock two pots against each other and make a noise? Bah!
Only an idiot would believe in ghosts.
I have never seen a ghostly phenomenon that couldn't be explained away without the use of ghosts.

Clearly, once again the skeptics know nothing. These guys must be the only people in the world who would ignore the overwhelming evidence for anything that breaks the laws of physics.

Ah here we go.These guys know about ghosts. Not only can they see and hear ghosts, but you too can "see dead people" with six easy lessons. And that degree in ghostology will take career to new levels. John Smith, Ghostologist, is clearly Senior Vice President material.

But how do you detect ghosts once you get your diploma. It's all in the Air Ion Counter, Gaussmeter, and Geiger Counter, equipment specifically designed for optimum ghost deteection. This equipment provided the first positive confirmation that ghosts live around Uranium mines.

So buy your Ghostology degree and Ghosthunting equipment and join the good fight to keep ghosts out of your pubs and photos.


Eli said...

It's only safe to assume that ghosts are even blogging these days. After all, earlier today NotElon wrote that blogging would be light. Run away!

Sir M. Ghost said...

Yeah that was my bud Sam wrote that post. He's a ghost too,