Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shoes— Not just for the ladies.

Like most men, I own less than five pairs of shoes. However, members of the other gender are notorious for owning millions of pairs each. This gives them influence over shoe style, and since they tend to like uncomfortable shoes in every imaginable color, that is not a good thing.

But now men are fighting back. Sneakerheads, the technical term for men who own more than tenm pairs of track shoes, are an up and coming new market. And stores are starting to take notice.

Sneakerheading is a trend I can get into, not because I actually care about sneakers but just so I have something to annoy annoying girls with. The next time I hear a girl mention clogs, high tops, or heels, I can ask her which treads go best with moderately faded jeans. In fact, I encourage every man I know to try this. It's time we fight back.

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fashion said...

yeah...i agree with your comments...I love my favorite josef seibel shoes....I have lot of collections