Monday, September 18, 2006

It's Scandalous!

Due to some rumors going around about Lee Siegel, I have come back early from my vaction to answer questions about whether I too commented on my own posts, in order to make myself look better. The short answer is no I have not, do not, and will not make up comments under assumed names stating how glorious I am. I have not, do not, and will not write make up comments under assumed names staing how much I suck either. And, I have not, do not, and will not make of comments to attack the authors of other comments be they real comments or comments I did not make up.

Even if I did comment on my own blogs, which I didn't, I would never give myself away by saying I'm funnier than Jon Stewart. That's just a foolish thing to write, even though it may well be true; things like that can get you into trouble. In addition if I did write comments under a pseudonym, which I don't, I would certainly would be a lot more subtle than this guy. I mean it's so obvious jhscwartz is really Lee Siegal.

You readers know as controversial and comment provoking as my posts may be, I am committed to dishing out the Cold Hard Facts, and I would never decieve you reader in such a manner, and nor should you readers tolerate being suckered in such a manner.

To quote sprezzatura, "I'm not Lee Siegel, you imbecile," and truer words have never been spoken.


not E. said...

Edgar you moron! You imbecile, you scumbag! You immature little baby, you good for nothing ball of spit! I hate you! I hate you with every bit of hatred in my soul! I hate you with a burning eternal hatred. You are the most freaking crazed lunatic to ever post his idiotic view of nutre on the internet. YOu should be ashamed of yourself.

Big Eggie Greenberg said...

First of not e. you have quite an unhealthy hatred of notElon. Calm down take a few breaths. Easy does it, you big cold. You moron, you imbecile. Can you not see that every word notElon utters is a beacon of light for future generations. Who are you to even attempt to duel words with his mighty ppen. notElon shall smite you from on high. You are naught but a pitiful worm compared to his radiance and intellect. And besides, you're just jealous that he is awesomer than you.