Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another Day, Another Dollar

As stated previously the editor is on vacation. The following article and first few comments come from It was chosen due to its unbiased nature and dedication to the Cold Hard Facts.

So how did my very interesting day go today? I can see you are very impatient to know.

Well, I walked in the door about 6:30 AM. Started making burgers. Made burgers for about 3 hours, nothing to eventful happened. Then about 12 or 1 we got a call for a special order. Guy apparently wants a deluxe McBurger with the works and a side of fries plus a large coke. Willing to pay us big bucks for it. So what's the catch? Meat got to be made with the Colonel's 11 secret herbs and spices, and we're not a freaking KFC. Sounds to me like a prank call. But that doesn't stop the manager. No! He thinks he can make an easy $200.

So he sends emily to the local KFC to bring back the herbs. Meanwhile I'm arguing with him the whole thing is stupid, and we don't get paid enough to break into someone else's resturant and steal their spice rack. But the idiot won't listen. Keeps whistling to himself. "We're gonna be rich" We're going to be rich.

Why do all my managers have to be such idiots?

Well Em gets herself busted, ends up in the slammer. It all comes back to us, manager goes off on an "errand" and im the one who has to deal with it. Police don't finish with me till 2 AM. And all for a lousy $5 an hour. Wish I stayed in school. Oh and the guy didn't even like the burger; said all them herbs made him nauseous.

At least I got a blog entry out of the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Aw, come on McDonald's is not that bad I once worked in a McDonalds. All the customers were very nice The manager treated me with respect. The pay wasn't all that bad either. Besides if you really hate the McDonalds you can always quit. There are other jobs for losers like you.

Anonymous said...

It is so that bad, perhaps worse. Why do think this blog is so darn interesting. Because every day the idiot managers order the employees on athother stupid stupid mission. Keep up the good work guys; this one tops em' all, but you can do better.

Steven Jones said...

Aw, come on lay off of her. You see this is why this country need a minimum wage, to help all the tormented starving members of society, like this one. You can't live on such a low wage. I keep saying we need to raise it but it's all Economy, Economy Economy. A minimum wage wouln't hurt it all that much, but it would help the poor.

Joe Stevens said...

Ha, I knew I would find you a some sappy sentimentaal blog like this one coward. So how about that duel. I challenged you yesterday, remember. But instead of answering my challenge acording to code, you CUT AND RUN. You can't hide forever coward.

Tom Scmitt, McDonald's Representative said...

McDonald's wishes to make it clear that we have never and do not plan to authorize any missions to steal the 11 Secret Herbs and Spices, nor will we ever execute such an order. Similarly, all rumors to the contrary, McDonald's did not send its covert operatives to replace one of the 11 Herbs and Spices with a powerful laxative and/or arsenic trioxide. Such a tactic would be completely unethical, and we would not stoop to such a level.

Tom Schmitt