Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dennis Lee, victim of Scientific repression.

Dennis Lee, the world Renowned inventor has invented not 1, but 300 machines that generate free energy. And the government won't let him use even one. I mean he's got all these machines buzzing around all over his house, yet the government forces him to depend on foreign oil. It's the Cold Hard Fact.

Every Fourth of July, Lee tries to benefit the public by launching his pyramid scheme/big release, but each time the government has mercilessly shut him down without cause.

And it's not just the government. Every physicist, chemist, and magician in the world is being bribed by Exxon-Mobil to say negative things about Lee. They even tried to pay me $1000 to say Lee is an idiot. Sometimes Exxon representatives even masquerade as curious audience members in order to waste Lee's precious time. The nerve! How dare that guy question the G-d given intellect of Dennis Lee! And for his information, everybody knows that in stable, normal water the positively charged hydrogens bond to each other but in explosive HOH they bond to the negatively charged oxygen atom. No wonder Lee has to keep his lecture tour secret.

We can't let this injustice continue. Snake oil salesmen must be allowed to sell perpetual motion machines to the general public. Everybody know the First Law of Thermodynamics is only a myth. There is such thing as a free lunch. The Cold Hard Facts must not b trampled by a vast Government/Oil Company/Evil Skeptics/UFO/Al Qaeda conspiracy. We will fight to the death over this issue, and we will win.


Eli said...

Just look at this horrible biased news story about him!

Aunt Sharon said...

Hey, Elon. Dennis Lee is a piker compared to Alex Chiu ( Lee only promises free energy, but Chui will make you immortal! That is if the mean 'ol FDA doesn't shut him down. And Chui is such a nice guy, he even shows you how to build your own eternal life rings and toe braces for free!