Sunday, February 17, 2008

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Vaccines. I'm sure you all all still traumatized from the first time that mean, evil doctor stuck a needle in your innocent arm. But at least now you know how necessary it was, how many diseases it prevented. WRONG! According to Rebbecca Carley M.D., vaccines are the cause of disease not the prevention. Did you see the M.D after her name? That means she made it through Orgo. She must be a Qualified Expert. She must have been a genius to make it past Orgo.

Here is what Carley M.D. has to say about Vaccines

The basic truth that served as the foundation for the mountain of lies known as vaccinations was the observation that mammals who recover from infection with microorganisms acquire natural immunity from further infections... This truth gave birth to a beLIEf that if a foreign antigen was injected into an individual, that individual would then become immune to a future infection. This beLIEf, (you see the lie in the middle), was given the name, "vaccinations".
Ha ha, BeLIEf. I never noticed that before.

I beLIEve this government cannot endure permanently half-slave and half-free.
Ah, Lincoln , you little rascal. How easy is is to see through you now.

But back on topic, aside from the fact that it is a beLIEf, what you said sounded rather reasonable Carley. Pray tell, why isn't it so?
Medical Jargon. Pseudoscience. More boring stuff. Personal BeLIEfs. Crimes against plants. Medical nonsense. New World Order. Boring stuff. Evil NAZIs. Boring.

Wait! Crimes against plants? New World Order? Are these the rantings of a mad woman? Quite possibly. But they are the rantings of a woman who beLIEves she is right. Erm, BeTRUTHs she is right. Because the evidence supports her. She is an M.D., and you won't be able to understand a word she says, so she must be right.

And what to make of this? Is this a mere coincidence?

Yes. Yes it is. Because we in the know, know that vaccines cannot possibly work, and so that graph is totally wrong. I blame the NAZIs and their CRIMES AGAINST PLANTS.

Incidentally, if you want the REAL Cold Hard Facts, take a look at Carley's work. She is a true expert. That's why she passed Orgo.

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