Friday, February 15, 2008

The Perfect Gift

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I know this, because I received a lot of irate emails berating the lack of a gift guide. And so with the motto of better late than never, I present our top pick for guys, The Master Cleanse Guidebook, a book that will keep your girlfriend talking about you for a long time.

Everyone knows that diet books are second only to vacuum cleaners in terms of romance potential. Girls are always worrying about their figures, and this shows that you sympathize with her worries. She will definitely take note.And if you are going to get your girl a diet book, get this one. Because only this book contains the power of the Master Cleanse™.

I don't actually know what the Master Cleanse™ is, because the website is very vague and I am not enough of a loser to buy the book, but it is one of those magic food diets. Stick to the simple routine, and the pounds or kilos come flying off.

The diet consists of three simple parts. First, drink a quart of salt water every moning upon awakening. Next eat and drink nothing else but "Lemonade" made from fresh lemons, maple syrup, and savoury cayenne pepper. Drink 6-12 glasses of this concoction a day, and follow each glass with laxatives. Continue on this plan for about two weeks or until death does you part, whichever comes first. After that, eat only raw fruit and vegetables for two months. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Now, now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that this "diet" was invented during a game of Truth or Dare. That is not true. A lot of research went into this diet. It is all classified, but do you seriously think someone would just randomly recommend eating such weird food without a good reason? You can probably find the research in the book, which I was too cheap to buy. Maybe you can't. It doesn't matter anyway. The point is that this gets results.

So that's my suggestion. Wrap the book up in romantic wrapping paper. And have a camera ready for when she opens it. Trust me, this will be good. Oh, and don't forget to mention that you would take her to a fancy French restaurant, only they unfortunately do not serve lemons and maple syrup. Trust me, this will be a day to remember.

So kids, until next time, always choose Truth and always lie. But if you dare choose Dare, perhaps you will come up with the next health fad. And when you do, I will recommend it here.

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Fred said...

You should look at some of those detox symptoms of this Master Cleanse:
1)Cravings-...most likely you will experience cravings, hamburgers, barbeque ribs, etc.
3)Irritability — This includes the desire to "just chew something solid."
4)Physical aches, pains, nausea, vomiting, etc.
5) Hot bowel movements
Don't these want to make you start really soon?