Saturday, November 26, 2005

The actual text of a letter to Professor Harry G. Frankfurt, Author of On Bullshit

Dear Professor Hamburg:

As a philosophical exercise, I most certainly have not decided to write a blog containing nothing but bullshit and lies. In reality, I believe you would classify me as a bullshitter and a purveyor of truths, as my motivation is certainly to tell naught but The Cold Hard Facts, and I am very careful to do just that. Even so, the matter isn't in your field of expertise and I really don't care if you would humor me by writing a post, assuming you are very busy.

The blog's address is, and as of now, it has countless post. But this letter will not be posted, after verifying all the facts, of course. I don't intend to post anything else.

Don't bother to respond,
Edgar Greenberg

Hopefully he won't respond. And if he does, I won't post it here.


Eli said...

This whole reverse psychology/Yoda speak is getting hard to read!

notElon said...

No, I can see you're right. I can easily understand what I post. This comment, for example, is crystal clear. Only solution is to post something already true, thus aggrivating the problem of the double speak.