Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bloody Murder

I was just clicking on the little "Next Blog" button in the upper right corner when I came upon one called Fantasies of A Serial Killer. I decided to publish his latest and most probably last entry, in order to provoke calm discourse, and eventually lead to a great example of Linear Decay.
Here now is the complete entry, which once again I did not write
To all my loyal and devoted fans. I have an important announcement to make, which will forever change the nature of our relationship. I murdered 12 humans in cold blood. But there was a purpose to this madness, this blog. That's right. Before the only person who ever read this garbage was my grandma, and even you hated it. I got maybe one hit a week. But no longer.

Just think about all the publicity I'll generate. Never again will I ignored. I can just see the statcounter shooting up already.

But even better, for the first time ever, people will leave comments. Now I will forever be known as "You Punk", "You Sick Freak", and "You Stupid Nasty Jerk" even among strangers. Yes, random people from all over the world will write to me and tell me how they really feel about me. It's too perfect.

But what am I rambling on about? This has to be posted before the FBI drag me away, or it won't work. And remember loyal fans, as always tell me what you think. Heh Heh.

Yours truly
John "Killer" Smith

Wait, before you start posting your comments, remember to send this to all your gullible friends. Let's get this thing forwarded all over the internet, and Make John Killer Smith proud.

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